social media headshotI’m a writer in southeast Michigan interested in bridging the gap between the natural sciences and a general audience.

Fifteen summers at the University of Michigan Biological Station gave me a peculiar, double-edged childhood. During the school year in my rural community, some of my friends were the kids of climate change deniers. But during summers at UMBS, my friends were the kids of climate scientists, botanists, entomologists, limnologists and experts in other fields. This dichotomy has driven me to connect both these worlds through effective, accurate scientific storytelling. 

My primary interests lie in fire ecology, forest ecology, freshwater ecology and soil science, though I can fall down the rabbit hole just about anywhere.


With an advanced writing degree and two years of direct communications experience, I most recently worked as a journalist in northern California, where I reported on city and county government for another two years. Combing through building plans, ordinances, court depositions and other technical documents furthered my ability to distill dense material into palatable, accurate narratives geared toward the general public.

Beyond writing, I have professional experience with social media (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook), DSLR photography and editing (AP, Chicago). I also have a working knowledge of HTML and image manipulation programs like Photoshop.

When I’m not sharing stories and science, you can find me knitting, hiking around my native Great Lakes region, trying Nordic recipes or hanging out with my cat Scully and fiancé Jake. 

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